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Ignoring Skyrocketing Debt and Inflation, Biden Demands $30 Billion From Congress for ‘Pandemic’

Biden solicita $30.000 millones más al Congreso para "la pandemia", pese a abultada deuda e inflación

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The Biden administration told Congress on Tuesday that it would like $30 billion more for the pandemic, despite a ballooning debt and the highest inflation in 40 years.

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra told members of Congress Tuesday that they need at least $30 billion more to keep the pandemic response active, and asked that those funds be included in a supplemental budget being drafted by lawmakers.

The request, which for now has only been made verbally and not officially, met with some resistance from the Democratic senator who controls the budget appropriations process, Patrick Leahy.

In statements to the press quoted by CBS, Leahy recalled that it has taken “months of negotiation” to shape a new budget package that they want to approve before March 11, with the objective of financing the federal administration until the end of the fiscal year in September.

Leahy said he did not like the idea of adding more money.

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