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State Department Says Biden is Willing to Reduce Sanctions Against Maduro

Maduro, El American

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The Biden administration repeated on Thursday that it is willing to review the sanctions against the tyranny of Nicolás Maduro if “significant progress” is made in the talks with a sector of the opposition.

Asked about the contacts that will take place in Mexico, the State Department spokesman, Ned Price, referred to a statement released last June 25 by Washington, the European Union and Canada, in which they declared themselves willing to reduce sanctions “on the basis of significant progress in a comprehensive negotiation.”

“That’s what we need to see: significant progress,” the spokesman said at a press conference.

Price ratified in a press conference the White House’s decision to promote that Maduro and his allies be held accountable for actions that “undermine” democracy and disrespect for human rights in that country.

In addition, he stated that they have indicated as a way to alleviate the sanctions that the Maduro regime allows Venezuelans to participate in “free and fair” parliamentary, presidential and local elections, and to engage in “sincere talks with the opposition” resulting in a “comprehensive negotiated solution to the Venezuelan crisis.”

The Biden administration has decided to implement a policy different from that of the Trump administration towards the usurper regime of Nicolás Maduro, with rapprochements and lifting of sanctions, despite the fact that in Venezuela the humanitarian crisis continues and the tyranny led by Maduro has shown no signs for years of respecting democratic practices.

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