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Biden Spends Thanksgiving at Billionaire David Rubenstein’s Nantucket Mansion

Biden pasó Thanksgiving en la mansión del multimillonario David Rubenstein en Nantucket

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President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, spent Thursday of the Thanksgiving holiday at the home of a multibillionaire friend of his on the luxurious island of Nantucket, belonging to the state of Massachusetts.

The Biden couple and several other members of the family have been staying there since Tuesday and will remain there until Sunday, the White House reported in a statement.

The president and his wife have spent the Thanksgiving holiday every year since 1975 at the home of their billionaire friend David Rubenstein, co-founder of the private investment firm Carlyle Group.

This morning, the president and the first lady called in live to weatherman and television host Al Roker as he reported on television about the traditional Thanksgiving Day parade that Macy’s department store has been holding in New York for 95 years.

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For its part, the White House avoided answering reporters’ questions about the incongruity on the part of Joe Biden, who has on multiple occasions criticized billionaires for not paying enough taxes but nevertheless spends the vacations as a guest in the home of one of them.