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Biden To Hold First Press Conference On March 25, 64 Days After Taking Office

Biden has waited twice as long as his predecessors to hold a press conference and answer questions directly from WH reporters.

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President Joe Biden will hold his first press conference since he has been in the White House on March 25, 64 days after his inauguration.

This was announced on Tuesday by White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki in a statement in which she said it will be after noon.

In recent decades no president had lasted so long without openly giving statements to the press: George Bush gave his first press conference on the 23rd day after taking office, Barack Obama did it on the 20th day in the office, Donald Trump did the same on the 27th.

Biden has waited twice as long as his predecessors to appear before the media at a press conference and take questions from reporters.

At a press conference earlier this month, when asked about this issue, Psaki argued that “the president has come in during a historic crisis, a pandemic the likes of which no country has seen in decades and decades, and an economic recession that has put millions of people out of work.”

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