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Biden to Visit Buffalo After Skipping Waukesha

New White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about President Biden’s announcement that he is going to Buffalo, New York, in the wake of a heinous mass shooting that left ten people dead and three injured on Saturday afternoon.

Eleven of the victims were African-American, prompting the case to be investigated as a “hate crime.” On Monday, the press secretary was confronted over Biden’s intense interest in the Buffalo mass shooting, while he only had passing remarks on the Waukesha tragedy that left at least six people died and 61 others injured.

“How come the president is visiting Buffalo after a senseless tragedy there, but he couldn’t visit Waukesha after six were killed and 61 injured in an attack on a Christmas parade?” Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked.

“I mean, he’s visited many communities,” Jean-Pierre replied. “Buffalo, you know, he’s able to go tomorrow to Buffalo before the trip. That is something that was important for him to do. But he has visited many other communities. This is… Buffalo is not the first community, sadly, that he has had to go up to because of a violent attack.”

However, the evasive response did not answer the question about why Biden took such immediate interest in going to Buffalo, but passed on paying a visit to Waukesha, Wisconsin after the Christmas Parade attack. Similar to the New York City subway shooting in April, the U.S. media suddenly dropped the story after it turned out the suspect was a black nationalist.

The Waukesha parade attack suspect, Darrell Edward Brooks, was charged with five counts of homicide for ‘intentionally’ driving his vehicle into the Christmas parade. An 8-year-old boy, Jackson Sparks, was among those killed by what appeared to be a racially motivated attack. No “hate crime” charges were ever brought.

Darrell Edward Brooks, Jr. was a felon with a sex offender record and a lengthy criminal background, including counts for felony domestic abuse, sex offenses, resisting an officer, and possession of cocaine. He was released from jail earlier in the week of the attack on $1,000 bond by a radical D.A. named John Chisholm. Brooks was also a vocal supporter of Black Lives Matter.

Thus, the White House and the media’s track record suggests that the reason Biden seized on the opportunity to go to Buffalo, but passed on going to Waukesha, has everything to do with the racial grievance politics that the administration seeks to further. Human lives are equal to the Biden administration, of course; some lives just happen to be more equal than others.

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