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‘Biden Turned Me Into a Republican’: Former Spokesman to Democratic DC Mayor

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Victor Jimenez has attracted the attention of social networks after footage of him saying “I think Biden turned me into a Republican” became viral. This statement is striking, especially when it comes from the former spokesperson for the Democratic mayor of Washington D.C., Muriel Bowser.

For those of us who work with Hispanics, and for anyone who keeps an eye on political polls within this community, it is clear that there is a growing dissatisfaction with the Democrats and that it is increasingly common to hear Hispanics changing their voting decision. Victor Jimenez’s statements are the testimony of one more Hispanic who switched parties because he no longer feels comfortable with Democratic policies.

Jimenez tells us in this interview that although he worked for Democrat Muriel Bowser, there were always things about the Democrats that he did not like. He even claims that several of the mayor’s policies ended up driving him out of his job.

He claims that Democratic policies are directly affecting Hispanics. He points to inflation, rising gas prices, insecurity, and the border crisis as some of the main reasons the Biden administration has caused him to switch to the Republican Party.

“I live in an area where there are a lot of Hispanics and you just hear them complaining about the economy at the moment.”

Victor Jimenez

He also explains that the “Defund the Police” movement, pushed by many Democrats, is strongly affecting the Hispanic community. He says that what Hispanics want is to have safe communities where their children can grow up safely.

Asked how he evaluates former President Donald Trump, Jimenez points to the benefits the Hispanic community received under his term in office:

“I think Trump was not a bad president, I think he lacked a little rhetoric, but in terms of the policies he implemented I think they were good, they helped the Hispanic community a lot, I didn’t know a Hispanic that wasn’t working.”

Victor Jiménez

Regarding the Hispanic media, he affirms that it is very important for this community to know which policies are good for them and which are not, but he emphasizes that the Spanish media are only aligned with the Democrats and, for him, that represents a serious problem.

“The media is everything and that is the number one factor why Hispanics tend to vote Democrat, because the information that is provided to them through these media is mostly false or not complete, so there is no balance. The Hispanic media, for example, never gave coverage to what happened with Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

Regarding what may happen in the coming years in relation to the Hispanic community in the electoral issue, Jimenez affirms: “I think there is going to be a very big movement of Hispanics and blacks being part of the Republican movement.”

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