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Biden Distances Himself from Israel as State Dept. Stands in Solidarity with Palestine

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Amid the conflict unfolding in Gaza, in which Israel has been experiencing rocket attacks by the Hamas terrorist organization, Biden’s State Department has expressed its solidarity with Palestine.

State Department spokesman Ned Price expressed that he has seen the photos of Palestinian children who died following IDF airstrikes and that “it’s hard not to look at those images and feel the suffering.”

“That is precisely why today we have called for restraint in an effort to preserve life,” Price said. He added that the State Department called for “restraint and calm” and noted that Israel has the right to defend itself and respond to rocket attacks, according to The Times of Israel.

The spokesman subsequently proceeded to wash his hands of the matter, giving both sides a pass, even though it has been public knowledge that Hamas initiated the unconscionable attacks.

Biden’s foreign policy: ignoring reports of terrorist threats

According to The National’s diplomatic sources, only last week, the State Department began to pay attention to warnings from Arab governments about an escalation of violence between Palestine and Israel.

Two governments in the region told Washington that a crisis was brewing in Jerusalem and urged it to intervene to de-escalate tensions – which the U.S. ignored.

solidarity with palestine - El American
The Israel Defense Forces prepared to conduct air strikes after receiving hundreds of rocket attacks from Palestinian terrorist forces. (Twitter)

“We told them we are heading for an explosion if nothing is done,” a diplomat told The National.

The warning messages increased in the last two weeks seeing that tensions were not diluted; however, these were completely ignored. The State Department’s attitude is consistent with the low priority the Administration placed on its list of diplomacy priorities, virtually ignoring the Israel-Palestine issue.

Recapping the attacks

The situation unfolding today between Hamas and the Israel Defense Forces is not random, but the product of a series of events that took place in March and April.

Demócratas se dividen entre apoyar o no a Israel ante ataque terrorista de Hamas
Gaza (-), 10/05/2021.- Sirens went off on 10 May in Jerusalem after rockets were fired from the Gaza strip. According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), an Israeli civilian in a nearby vehicle was lightly injured and evacuated for treatment. EFE/EPA/MOHAMMED SABER

On March 6, a court in Israel ruled to expel six Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem. Since then, the frictions between Palestine and Israel became stronger.

During the month of April, heavy protests began to occur in Jerusalem leaving about 100 civilians and 200 police officers injured.

The conflict escalated until Hamas began firing rockets into Israel killing a couple of people and causing severe material damage, to which Israel responded with force to attack Hamas terrorist cells resulting in the death of several dozen people.

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