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Biden’s Approval Ratings Plummet Among Hispanics: PBS Poll

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Biden’s approval rating during his term continues to fall. A PBS / NPR / Marist poll released Monday showed that the Democratic president’s popularity is significantly lower among Hispanics than among whites.

According to the study, at least 65% of Hispanics expressed their disapproval of the Biden-Harris administration. Meanwhile, 33% approved of the policies promoted by the Democratic administration.

In the case of whites, disapproval stood at 56%, showing a difference of 9% with respect to the data among Hispanics.

Approval of Joe Biden is significantly lower among Hispanics than among whites.

Overall, more than half of Americans disapprove of Biden’s performance, at 55%. While 44% strongly disapprove. The pollster noted that Biden’s disapproval ratings have risen 20 points since he took office, reaching a record high this month.

Joe Biden’s approval threatened by his policies

“Biden is likely feeling the heat over a trifecta of concerns troubling Americans this holiday season, according to Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist College Institute of Public Opinion” So explained PBS in a report on the study.

Furthermore, it added, “hose fears include rising prices as inflation nears a 40-year high, the omicron variant threatening to compound the latest surge of coronavirus cases, and Biden’s legislative agenda stalling in Congress.”

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