The Biden Approval Ratings—Yet Again—Hit New Record Low

Incoming red wave? According to a Washington Post poll, a majority of Americans said they would vote for a Republican candidate if the midterm elections were held today

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With only 10 months as President of the United States, Joe Biden reached his new approval low. About half of those polled blame him for accelerating inflation and 6 in 10 say he hasn’t accomplished much during his time in office.  

The Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that Republicans are at their best. In fact, they are enjoying their largest midterm lead over Democrats in the 40 years the poll has been published.

The survey on the Biden approval ratings was conducted between Nov. 7 and 10 among 1,001 American adults with a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.

“Recent defeats in the Virginia elections and the close of the Jersey gubernatorial race have put Democrats on edge, with good reason,” The Washington Post noted.

46% of registered adults say that if the midterm elections were held today, they would vote for the Republican candidate in their district, while 43% say they would favor the Democrat. Among registered voters, the Republican advantage comes in at 51% to the Democrats’ 41%.

Biden’s 41% approval rating represents a 3% decline from 44% recorded last September.  It also represents a significant drop after the 50% reported in June and the 52% reported in April.  

“That’s the largest lead for Republicans in the 110 ABC/Post polls that have asked this question since November 1981,” ABC pointed out.

The Biden approval ratings: falls among Democrats

The poll found that support for Biden is falling among Democrats themselves. Eighty percent of Democrats said they approve the job the president is doing; however, this is lower than in June, when 94% of Democrats showed their support.

When it comes to independents, 35% said they approve of Biden’s performance, while 58% said they disapprove.

According to The Hill, “the drop in the president’s approval rating is potentially the result of economic hardships affecting Americans across the country, including rising prices and inflation.”

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