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Biden’s Border Chaos: Reporters Expose Dems’ Hypocrisy

Reporteros en la frontera de Estados Unidos muestran realidad de la crisis migratoria y expone hipocresía de autoridades demócratas

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Children sleeping on the streets, women looking for clothes and food for their families, men anxious for a job to survive and, later, to send money to their loved ones. Emaciated faces, exhausted surely from an eternal journey, and with the psychological fatigue that comes with the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen to them and their immigration status.

This is the reality of the border crisis shown to us by Daily Caller journalist Jorge Ventura, from Texas, through valuable interviews with Venezuelan immigrants arriving in the country.

While Democratic officials, such as Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, suggest that their “sanctuary” cities cannot receive immigrants because they do not have the infrastructure and capacity of border towns, Ventura, in a great piece of journalism, is exposing the hypocrisy and disconnect of liberal politicians.

First, in his interviews, it is clear that the immigrants are living in terrible conditions due to the very high migratory flow that continues to grow, generating a collapse of the immigration system and authorities. They have no money (or very little left). They are sleeping on the floor and practically living off the charity of residents and local organizations. So the situation is truly tragic, even if the Biden Administration is not very concerned about the humanitarian crisis.

Another reality that is exposed in their interviews is that most of the Venezuelans who arrived at the border, with a touching smile on their face, say with enthusiasm that they want to go to sanctuary cities (such as New York). This because they say there are more opportunities to get ahead or they have more friends and family to lean on. Something that shows that immigrants are not forced to get on buses or treated inhumanely in Republican states.

Logically, if you have arrived in the U.S. after a very long journey, and some cities say they want to welcome you with open arms, you will head there since there is a public promise of a warm welcome.

08/10/2022.- Venezuelan immigrants wait in line to be transferred to shelters provided by the state today in New York. (EFE)

The border is wide open

Ventura has spoken with Venezuelan immigrants about their travels and aspirations in the U.S. and how they feel about mass illegal immigration. To the surprise of many progressive authorities, Venezuelans on the border are aware that an uncontrolled influx of people can cause problems for the U.S. in terms of security and also the collapse of available services.

To put it in perspective: on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, they went into crisis after receiving a little more than 50 immigrants. The authorities, who had also declared the town a sanctuary, did not even take 24 hours to bring these people to a military base. Apparently, they were not the least interested in integrating them into their exclusive city’s social and labor dynamics.

Now, what about those border cities in Arizona and Texas that are literally receiving thousands of immigrants daily. Are the Democratic authorities in New York, Washington D. C., or Massachusetts now understanding the seriousness of the situation?

A few days ago, a Venezuelan immigrant, in this case in an interview with Fox News, disproved VP Kamala Harris herself, who had said that the border remained “secure” despite the Trump Administration’s measures (which the Biden Administration itself has reinstated). In a crystal clear message, this Venezuelan said that the border was “open” and that they only had to walk to cross it.

Another horrifying video, published by Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, showed how a child almost drowned while trying to cross the Rio Grande in Texas. A terrible image that could be repeating itself daily, with migrants risking their lives to reach the United States under the Democratic promise that the country is ready to receive them.

Last April, before Venezuelan immigrants were in the national spotlight, El American published a report on the journey a person from this South American nation had to undertake to reach the U.S. The man interviewed, whose name was withheld, had to spend months stranded in Mexico, pay a coyote with borrowed money, spend months in an immigration prison and, finally, pay a costly bond. That journey remains just as complicated, costly, dangerous, and possibly worsening.

With the images coming from Texas, there is no doubt: Venezuelan immigrants —thanks to the journalistic work of some good reporters like Ventura, Melugin and others— are completely exposing the hypocrisy and deficiency of the immigration policies of the Democrats, who did not prepare their sanctuary cities to receive migrants and are now beginning to suffer, in a very mild way, the consequences of the open borders policy they encouraged and applied.

Emmanuel Alejandro Rondón is a journalist at El American specializing in the areas of American politics and media analysis // Emmanuel Alejandro Rondón es periodista de El American especializado en las áreas de política americana y análisis de medios de comunicación.

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