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Biden’s Popularity Crash Reaches New Lows, Three New Polls Confirm

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Joe Biden is now officially more unpopular than former President Trump ever was, as the country faces record-breaking inflation, high gas prices, and ominous forecasts of a possible recession shortly. According to the poll aggregator of FiveThirtyEight, 56.5% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s job, and only 37.9% think he is doing a good job. Biden’s popularity crash puts him and his party in a challenging position ahead of the midterms and fuels speculation over his 2024 candidacy.

These numbers make Biden even less popular than Trump was just a few weeks after the January 6 Capitol Riots, when the former President had a 38.7% approval rating, the lowest percentage during his time in office. Biden also holds the unenviable distinction of being the most unpopular president at this time of the term since at least 1946. This new low of the Biden administration is confirmed by three different pollsters—YouGov, Ipsos, and Quinnipiac— all devastating publishing surveys showing that Biden is deep underwater with the American public.

President Biden is now more unpopular than Trump was just a few weeks after the Capitol Riots (EFE)

Biden’s popularity crash transcends income, ethnicities, and age

If, when president Biden took office, one of the critical goals was to be a more unifying leader than his predecessor, then recent polls show that he has indeed united the country, just not how he wanted to. All three pollsters show that the President’s unpopularity transcends age, ethnicity, income, and region.

The YouGov/The Economist poll shows that only 38% of Americans either strongly or somewhat approve of the job Biden has done, and to make matters worse, only 14% strongly support the President. According to this survey, Biden is underwater among men, women, whites, Latinos, Republicans, Independents, all age groups, all income brackets, and suburban and rural voters.

The only groups that approve of Biden’s performance are Democrats and African Americans. Even in those cases, the support is not as strong as it was when he started his presidency. While 74% of Democrats support the president now, this number is considerably lower than in March 2021, when 88% of Democrats approved the president’s job. Same history with Black Americans, who went from 69% approval of the president in March 2021 to 56% now.

Moreover, the support Biden has from Democrats is not particularly strong. Only 31% of Democrats strongly approve of Biden’s job performance in the YouGov poll, a more than 30-point drop from March 2021 when 68% of Democrats strongly agreed with him.

Even young people, who tend to view the Democratic Party more favorably, are disenchanted with the President’s job. The Reuters/Ipsos poll has Biden polling at 58% disapproval among 18-39 years old respondents, an astonishing fall from grace for Biden, who was polling well ahead of 50% among Gen Z and Millennial respondents at the start of his presidency. His numbers are no better with people over 40 years, as 59% disapprove of him.

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Democrats will have a tough fight to keep the control of Congress in the midterm elections (EFE)

Americans disapprove Biden’s issue handling

Since Biden is bleeding support among all demographics, it is no surprise that all voters disapprove of how he handles the country’s most critical issues. The YouGov and the Quinnipiac polls show that voters do not like how Biden is responding to the current economic crisis, rising crime, gun-related issues, and foreign policy approach.

Quinnipiac has some genuinely devastating numbers for the President. It shows that 66% of voters disapprove of the President’s economic record, 55% disapprove of his foreign policy approach, and 61% do not like how he has handled gun-related issues. YouGov has a similar finding, as only 37% of respondents think Biden is doing an excellent job on the economy, only 32% approve of his approach to gun control issues, and just 31% think he is doing enough to tackle crime.

Biden’s checkered economic record is probably his most substantial challenge, having most Americans citing economic-related problems as the most urgent issue the country faces now. In the YouGov poll, 36% of respondents cited the economy as a top concern, and 34% of the Quinnipiac respondents said inflation was the most critical problem.

Biden is even underwater on the issues that are very much the priorities of the Democratic party, as a majority of voters disapprove of how Biden is handling climate change, abortion, civil rights, and criminal justice reform.

Inflation has reached record-breaking highs over the last months (EFE)

The Latino revolt against the Democrats continues

Of course, the most alarming news for Biden is his catastrophic numbers among Latino voters. The YouGov and the Quinnipiac polls show that Hispanics have no love for the 46th president. The former poll shows that only 38% of Latinos approve of Biden. At the same time, in the latter, Hispanics are the ethnicity that is most disapproving of the President’s record, with 70% of Latinos saying they are not happy with Biden’s job performance.

However, most interesting is the cratering Latino support for the Democratic party, a monumentally significant trend that started in the 2020 elections and that polls have confirmed ever since. Not only Latinos are not on board with Biden, but they are also abandoning the Democratic party in droves.

In the Quinnipiac poll, more Hispanics would like to see the GOP win the midterms. An unprecedented 42% of Hispanics want to see the GOP win the house, compared to the 40% who want to see the Democrats win, and 45% of Latinos also want to see the GOP retake the Senate, compared to the 42% who want to see the Democrats retain control.

The YouGov poll is not as catastrophic for the Democrats, yet it still brings terrible news for them. Only 34% of Latinos want to see the Democrats win the Senate, and only 38% want them to keep the House. While these numbers are higher than those who want to see the Republicans win, they are clear indicators that Hispanics are slipping away from the Democratic party.

Biden’s popularity crashed after the Afghan withdrawal of August last year, a downward trajectory that has worsened ever since. It now looks increasingly unlikely that he and his party will be able to improve their numbers before the midterm elections.

Daniel is a Political Science and Economics student from the University of South Florida. He worked as a congressional intern to Rep. Gus Bilirakis (FL-12) from January to May 2020. He also is the head of international analysis at Politiks // Daniel es un estudiante de Cs Políticas y Economía en la Universidad del Sur de la Florida. Trabajo como pasante legislativo para el Representate Gus Bilirakis (FL-12) desde enero hasta mayo del 2020. Daniel también es el jefe de análisis internacional de Politiks.

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