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Biden’s Popularity Plummets: Only 36% of Americans Approve of his Administration

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The popularity of President Joe Biden and the Democratic caucus in Congress continues to plummet. According to polls, an overwhelming majority of Americans believe the U.S. is on the wrong track under Biden’s policies, with inflation and fuel prices leading the way.

According to a recent poll from Monmouth University, 88% of Americans surveyed believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, representing an “all-time low” perception according to the study. In addition, Biden’s approval rating fell to 36%, and barely 15% approved of Congress’ performance.

The debacle in support for Biden is so evident that even CNN, a network that has lost much of its audience due to its left-wing political bias, reported Democrats’ “frustration” with the president’s performance and questioned his ability to address the challenges of the economy.

The Monmouth poll highlights that the number of Americans in economic distress has doubled in the last year due to inflation, and indicates that a majority of respondents believe that the Democratic administration’s actions are hurting their finances. On the other hand, the survey states that Biden’s policies are not benefiting the middle class.

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In the same way, 42% of those surveyed responded that they struggle to remain financially stable, while only 9% say their economic situation has improved under the Biden Administration.

“Economic concerns tend to rise to the top of the list of family concerns, as you might expect, but the singular impact of inflation is really hitting home right now. And most Americans are blaming Washington for their current pain,” Patrick Murray explained, Monmouth University’s independent polling institute director.

Fifty-seven percent responded that the federal government’s actions in the last six months had hurt their families, and only 8 percent responded that Washington’s decisions had affected them positively. It is also the first time in the survey’s history that a majority stated that an administration affected their economic situation directly and negatively.

The majority of forecasts are not good either. Only 23% expect the Biden Administration to be vindicated in the next two years, while 45% believe the economy will continue to be a challenge. Those indicators changed drastically from last year when 40% expected the Democratic leader’s economic policies to benefit him, and 34% believed they would be detrimental.

The survey, conducted by telephone, polled 978 adults between June 23-27.