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Big Eyes Coin, a Promising Crypto Meme Inspired by Cats

Big Eyes Coin, la prometedora crypto meme inspirada en gatos

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Due to the constant evolution within this space, meme coins such as Big Eyes Coin have successfully experienced incredible growth and acceptance. They now offer integration with state-of-the-art features and functionality.

Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have been the leading successful meme coins in the market. Following the pattern of Dogecoin, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) aims to be widely accepted and used by members of the crypto space.

Big Eyes is a new meme coin project operating on the Ethereum blockchain. It offers decentralized financial services to its users, allowing them to fully enjoy the features of blockchain technology.

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Big Eyes Features

Big Eyes is a new cryptocurrency project with new features. Despite being a meme cryptocurrency project, it will have several features unmatched by other crypto projects.

Big Eyes will showcase the critical characteristics of meme-inspired crypto projects by being community-driven and having its governance rights decentralized. All token holders will have a say in determining what happens in the Big Eyes ecosystem.

In addition to its meme features, Big Eyes promises to build and launch its NFT marketplace. This platform, within its ecosystem, will facilitate the creation and trading of non-fungible tokens.

Big Eyes is dedicated to its NFT collections. Their intention is to grow this NFT marketplace to rank among the top NFT platforms. This NFT marketplace will have the rarest feline-themed NFTs entering the cryptocurrency space.

Big Eyes’ native ERC-20 cryptocurrency ERC-20 will facilitate the buying and selling of these NFTs. In addition, all NFT creators will enjoy lifetime royalties for their work every time it is sold.

Big Eyes will experience significant growth through new and improved marketing strategies. First, by creating and operating a tax-free transaction system, members can be assured that there will be no hidden charges on their transactions.

In addition, its active members will remain profitable through its regular token and NFT donation events. The Big Eyes platform is also poised to fund a “save the ocean” movement through charity and fundraising schemes.

Big Eyes versus Dogecoin versus Stellar

Dogecoin is a very popular meme coin in the bitcoin market that runs on blockchain technology. It supports Peer-to-peer transactions within its platform.

Like Big Eyes, the Dogecoin cryptocurrency community helps the platform grow. Dogecoin is an advertising-driven project. Its success is mainly due to its acceptance in the cryptocurrency space and the buzz created by its cryptocurrency community members.

Its native token is DOGE, which facilitates operations within the blockchain. It assumes governance, security, and reward token functions.

Stellar is a decentralized financial network based on blockchain. Thus, Stellar allows users to create, send, buy and sell digital assets on the platform. Stellar’s native cryptocurrency, Lumen, has the token XLM. Like Dogecoin and Big Eyes, it is a governance token. It facilitates transactions within the Stellar platform.

As a major cryptocurrency, Stellar allows exchange between different currencies with Lumen as an intermediary crypto token.


Big Eyes’ supply of ERC-20 tokens is 200,000,000,000,000. It intends to make 70% of this supply available during the presale. As Big Eyes’ token presale progresses, anyone interested can easily access and purchase these tokens through its easy-to-navigate presale portal.

Your cryptocurrency wallet is the first thing you need to buy in the presale. You can use Metamask or Trustwallet.

This wallet must have ETH, BNB, or USDT, which will help initiate and complete the purchase. Visit the pre-sale portal through Big Eyes and register on the platform. Then, connect your wallet to the presale portal and approve the “BUY” transaction. Once the two-month vesting period has elapsed, the BIG tokens will be available for use.

Big Eyes tokens will create a passive income stream for your cryptocurrency community. Using NFT to fuel its growth, users can earn rare NFT at periodic NFT events. Big Eyes relies on blockchain for transparency and efficiency and will launch several decentralized applications with its smart contract functionality. Join the Big Eyes presale and enjoy discounts and bonuses on every purchase.

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