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‘Big Tech is America’s Biggest Internal Threat’: Graham Allen

Candidato Graham Allen: «Las Big Tech son la mayor amenaza interna de Estados Unidos»

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During the Student Action Summit 2021 (#SAS2021) organized by Turning Point USA in Tampa, Florida, El American Chief Correspondent Anna Paulina Luna spoke with veteran, author, podcaster and now South Carolina Congressional candidate Graham Allen.

Anna Paulina Luna interviews Graham Allen in SAS 2021.

Allen, who has become one of the most popular conservative voices in the United States in recent months, made the decision to run for Congress after South Carolina District 7 Representative Tom Rice “betrayed” Donald Trump by voting in favor of his second impeachment. So he has decided to replace him.

“This guy is the guy who is very much the problem with political elites,” Allen said. “They think that they know what’s best for the American people.” According to his position, this is not an isolated case, nor is it about an individual, but about the government as a whole.

“The government doesn’t understand that they actually work for the people, and the only reason that they have authority at all is because the people allow them to have that authority,” he sentenced.

The candidate for representative confessed that “the biggest shock” he has had so far is that the left has not attacked him as other Republicans have, and that there are “systems in place” with the goal of “preventing the average day Americans from getting on the ballot” and trying to gain access to political power.

So the message Allen decided to send to conservatives in his district ahead of the elections is to contribute to his campaign “if you believe that we the people, not the government, who have the real power”.

He summarizes his proposal as a congressional candidate in three essential points. First, “give the power back to the people”. Secondly, to protect electoral integrity and “secure our election so that people believe that their vote actually matters”. Last, and not least, tackling Big Tech which is, in his view, “the greatest internal threat that we face in America” today.

“The federal government is watching what you say and what you do, then they’re flagging it and sending it to these Big Tech companies,” Allen said. “If we don’t break up Big Tech, if we don’t attack them head-on, in 10 years it’s not going to matter what South Carolina thinks: you are only going to be able to see, hear, think, watch whatever they tell you to.”

This interview with Graham Allen is part of a series of exclusive interviews that El American staff conducted at SAS 2021 with several conservatives who have made it their goal to defend Americans’ freedom. You can watch it complete in our YouTube channel.

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