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Republicans Introduce Bill to Prevent China and Russia from Buying Land Near U.S. Military Bases

china y rusia - bases militares americanas

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Representative Mark Green (R-TX) introduced a bill to prevent foreign adversaries, such as China and Russia, from buying U.S. land near U.S. military bases.

The Military Perimeter Transparency Act would direct the Secretary of Defense to produce regular reports on the purchase of land or occupation of U.S. military bases by “foreign adversaries.”

The proposal comes amid safety concerns about the possible construction of a Chinese wind farm in Texas near Laughlin Air Force Base, a larger U.S. Air Force pilot training facility.

“It’s critically important for the Department of Defense to identify when foreign adversaries like China or Russia acquire land near American military bases,” Green said in a statement.

“America’s foreign adversaries, especially those with a history of cyberattacks, espionage, and disinformation warfare, should never be allowed near a US military installation,” he stressed.

The bill defines “foreign adversaries” as any foreign government or non-governmental person engaged in a long-term pattern or serious instances of conduct significantly adverse to the national security of the United States.

In the same vein to maintain security at home, last year the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), labeled Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE, as “national security threats.”

Sabrina Martín Rondon is a Venezuelan journalist. Her source is politics and economics. She is a specialist in corporate communications and is committed to the task of dismantling the supposed benefits of socialism // Sabrina Martín Rondon es periodista venezolana. Su fuente es la política y economía. Es especialista en comunicaciones corporativas y se ha comprometido con la tarea de desmontar las supuestas bondades del socialismo

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