¿Por qué Bill Gates cree que tiene derecho a tapar el sol, modificar genéticamente especies vivas o impulsar totalitarismos?

Here’s the Reason Why Bill Gates Thinks He Can Block the Sun and Modify Living Species

Humanity must face Gates’s delusions; no man should believe he has the power to block out the sun or direct the patterns of behavior of the entire human race

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Bill Gates remains relentless in his eagerness to play God and decide the designs of humanity, bypassing the will of the citizens of the earth. No one has voted the billionaire businessman into public office. He has no legitimacy to subject the planet to controversial experiments to cover up the sun or modify the diet of millions of people, yet without any shame, Gates vociferates in the most important political and economic circles his plans to design humanity according to his own convictions.

In his latest public statements, the tycoon said that “sadly” Omicron had reached the population faster than vaccines and had generated effective antibodies that the vaccines he so much sponsors failed to deliver. For many, it was hard to understand what the “sad” part of the fact that natural immunity works and people stop dying was, but Gates doesn’t seem to like that the idea that the human body can defend itself without the need for an antidote. 

But he didn’t stop there. At the Munich Security Conference, Gates also stated that the world should have taken Australia’s path to “fight” the pandemic, a path that as everyone will remember, was plagued by repression, human rights abuses, persecutions, radical confinements, and police chasing citizens for “jumping security perimeters”, walking too much, or not wearing a face shield properly. A rather sadistic and totalitarian world in which people basically lose their humanity at the hands of the bureaucrats on duty.

Bill Gates’ megalomaniacal experiments: blocking out the Sun

With the supposed intention of “combating climate change,” Bill Gates recently proposed to block out the sun by releasing tons of calcium carbonate dust into the atmosphere, something he intended to do from Sweden. Gates’ project is called SCoPEx, and according to the billionaire it is intended to reduce the amount of solar radiation on the earth’s surface or divert some of the sunlight away from the planet. 

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It is well known that sunlight is indispensable for living beings on planet Earth; human beings not only receive vitamin D, but the sun is also one of the best antidepressants in existence.

Fortunately, for now, the authorities of the Nordic country denied Gates the authorization to carry out his project to cover the star, however, his idea is latent, and all of us would do well to ask ourselves, who has given Gates the power to decide over the rest of humanity the amount of sunlight that enters the planet? Or, rather, why does he think he can experiment with the lives of billions of people?

Co-Chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Bill Gates during a panel discussion at the 58th Munich Security Conference (MSC) in Munich, Germany, 18 February 2022. (EFE)

Genetically modified mosquitoes

The company Oxitec, financed by the tycoon, carried out an experiment in which they released thousands of genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida, despite protests from residents.

According to the company, the intention of releasing these genetically modified insects was to study their reproduction and, supposedly, to curb the spread of persistent insect-borne diseases such as dengue fever and the Zika virus. 

In all, 150,000 mosquitoes were released in the southern U.S. state in another attempt by Gates to experiment with the ecosystem and human lives.

Gates’ conflicts of interest and different types of vaccines

Bill Gates has been one of the main promoters of COVID vaccines, but, previously, he has also been a strong investor in mass vaccination campaigns in African countries, campaigns that, in some cases, have not been without criticism and questioning.

For example, in 2014 the Indian newspaper, The Economic Times, published a report on the conflict of interest between pharmaceutical companies and the Gates Foundation titled: Controversial vaccine studies: Why is Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation under fire from critics in India? The report indicates that the foundation funded two entities that played a key role in an immunization program in this country.

Years earlier, in 2009, children’s schools in the Khammam district of Telangana had become sites for observational studies for a cervical cancer vaccine, which was administered to thousands of girls between the ages of 9 and 15. Months after its implementation, several girls began to fall ill, and within a year five of them died.

An investigative committee found that consent to conduct these studies, in many cases, was taken from shelter guardians, which constituted a blatant violation of regulations. In many other cases, their parents’ fingerprints were used as a token of consent, but many could not read or write, and did not know what they were consenting to, much less did the girls.

This was followed by protests in India that was not widely reported in the Western press: “It is unethical when the people who are championing the cause of vaccines are the same people who are also investing in vaccine development,” said Rukmini Rao, one of the activists who filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court regarding the HPV vaccine studies.

The World Economic Forum: “You will have nothing and be happy.”

In 2016, the World Economic Forum, one of the entities funded and promoted by Bill Gates, ran a campaign in which they promised that by the year 2030, human beings would have no property, and thus be happy.

The controversial campaign to establish a communist state worldwide automatically sparked outrage, and after that, they tried to downplay the importance of the initiative, to such an extent that, years later, even renowned news agencies such as Reuters, carried out a fact check in which they tried to deny the very thing that had been promoted by the forum.

Despite the initiatives that human beings “will have nothing and be happy,” Bill Gates is currently the largest holder of agricultural land in the United States, in addition to owning a fortune valued at 129 billion dollars.

There is no doubt that, if there ever was a Bill Gates with a noble heart, he has already been devoured by the megalomania and disorders that have emerged in him, thanks to the political power that his enormous fortune has earned him. However, mankind must confront his delusions, no man should believe he has the power to block out the sun or direct the patterns of behavior of the entire human race, much less someone for whom no one has given a vote.

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