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Bill Maher Mocked Gavin Newsom’s Attacks on Gov. Ron DeSantis: “I Have Felt Freer in Florida”

Facing the Pandemic, Ron DeSantis Has Won and Led the Way - El American

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On July 3, Gavin Newsom shocked everyone by funding a video attacking Ron DeSantis and inviting residents of the “sunshine state” to move to California, where “we still believe in freedom.” Of course, he was the target of all kinds of ridicule, now joined by Bill Maher.

Maher put the spotlight on the propaganda produced by the Democrat’s re-election campaign, in which the California governor’s voice says: “I urge all of you living in Florida to join the fight —or join us in California, where we still believe in freedom: Freedom of speech, freedom to choose, freedom from hate, and the freedom to love. Don’t let them take your freedom”.

The ad aired in Florida, which was taken as an attack on his peer and a pitch ahead of the possible 2024 Democrat presidential primary.

Bill Maher and his defense of Ron DeSantis

The Real Time host took a few seconds to defend Governor DeSantis again. “Freedom to choose. Freedom from hate, Freedom to love. Don’t let them take your freedom, ” he began by quoting Newsom’s ad to add, “My question is: Who’s got the freedom fight now? Because I could see the Republicans saying, ‘Well, we stand up for your right to have your guns, we don’t [do] COVID mandates, you know, you have your freedom to be free”.

He stated, “I certainly don’t always feel free in this state, I must say, and I have felt freer in Florida.”

This is not the first time Maher had come out in defense of Florida’s governor, as he also did so when DeSantis signed the Florida Parental Rights in Education Act.

“If people don’t know, this is something DeSantis is about to sign. And I guess it’s a reaction to Republicans who feel that there’s too much talk in lower grades. I think it’s only — they’re talking about kindergarten to third grade. So we’re talking about very young kids who, you know, as always with this stuff, you know this. It’s not like there’s no kernel of truth in that maybe kids that young shouldn’t be thinking about sex at all”, the popular host opined at the time.

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