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Bitcoin is One of the Most Searched Words in Google by Hispanics

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What is bitcoin?”, “who won Miss Universe 2021?”, and meatballs, are some of the terms and questions in Spanish that were most consulted through Google in the United States during the year 2021.

Doubts about the pandemic were also a constant among Spanish-speaking Americans, as their most repeated searches included the origin of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the centers that perform coronavirus tests and several of the side effects associated with the disease.

Google revealed on Wednesday the most repeated searches on areas such as music, movies, gastronomy and sports, with a section dedicated to Spanish, the second most used language in the country with more than 40 million speakers.

For example, “Meatballs” was the most searched recipe, followed by “beef birria”, “baked turkey”, “chicken tinga” and “lentils”, all of them Hispanic recipes.

Meanwhile, the most consulted movie titles were The Unholy, La Civil, Run, Red Notice, F9.

In the midst of the cryptocurrency explosion, Hispanics insistently asked “what is bitcoin?”, “how to invest in the stock market?” and “how to invest in bitcoin?”

Likewise, everything related to the pandemic registered several of the most repeated demands, reflecting interest in the side effects that were associated with a small percentage of vaccines, such as “what is Guillain-Barré syndrome?”, “what is thrombosis?”, “what is encephalitis?”

In the cultural world, the Netflix series led many citizens to ask “where was Luis Miguel born?” and Camilo’s success in the Latin Grammys made many write “where is Camilo from?”

Likewise, beauty contests prevailed over other informative events, as more people searched for “who won Miss Universe 2021?” than “who won the elections in Peru?” or “who won the Copa America 2021?”

In English, the most searched were for news about the NBA, the late rapper DMX, the murder of Gabby Petito, the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, lottery results and stock market investments.

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