Black Lives Matter Deserve the Noble Prize for Terror

Given the group’s propensity towards violence, The Norwegian Nobel Institute would be well advised to disqualify BLM from receiving or even being nominated for any of its awards.

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The Norwegian Nobel Institute has made many mistakes in awarding Nobel Prizes. It is inconceivable that writers such as Jorge Luís Borges, Leo Tolstoy, Franz Kafka, and George Orwell never received the coveted distinction in literature. Given the total denaturalization onslaught we are witnessing in the fields of language, concepts, ethics, and morals, it may be time for Orwell to receive a Nobel Prize, posthumously, for his works Animal Farm (1945) and 1984 (1949).

After all, the notions of “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” (1984) and that idea about all being “…equal but some are more equal than others” (Animal Farm), is being culturally institutionalized by the Marxian schemers of the world. Hence, in good postmodernist standing, if a Norwegian socialist parliament member has the audacity to nominate Black Lives Matter (“BLM”) for the 2021 “peace” prize, then Orwell’s sarcasm has earned the English novelist a nomination in the fields of literature for his written contribution and in science, for accurately predicting the future.

Petter Eide, a member of the Socialist Left Party of Norway, cited BLM’s demands for systemic change to law enforcement around the globe, as his reason for the nomination, as well as the group becoming “a very important worldwide movement to fight racial injustice”. The whole premise upon which the Norwegian socialist MP sustains in his nomination of BLM is fundamentally flawed and only heightens the banality of the process.

BLM is a self-declared Marxist organization. Marxism is intrinsically conflict theory based. This is the case, both for classical Marxism, as well as cultural Marxism (neo-Marxism). BLM and its co-founders, Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi are committed Marxists, with special adherence to cultural Marxism’s tenets, particularly Critical Race Theory, Critical Queer Theory, Critical Feminist Theory, and Gender Ideology. “Liberation” for BLM requires destruction, the total ravishment of the existing democratic order. “Liberation” is only attainable, by their own admission, upon the dismantling of other wholly non-racial issues such as cisgender privilege, western prescribed nuclear family structure, etc. BLM works to foster a regime totally alien to the precept of what we now know as a free society.    

The notion that BLM seeks, as their core mission, the alleviation of perceived “racial injustice” is false. Social equality does not interest them. Their disinterest in “equality” but instead promoting conjectures of “equity” transcribes in practice to effectively promoting black supremacy to ameliorate false perceptions of a continually existing oppressive white hegemonic system. Essentially, black “liberation” movements, such as BLM, are inherently racist. Claims of meriting recognition for alleviating racial “injustice” by promoting racism (black against white) is appalling.

Eide’s belief that BLM cares about racial harmony is folly and devoid of any serious examination of the movement’s objectives and the worldview upon which it rests. Equally disturbing is the nomination’s premise of a “peace” award being considered, even remotely, for a violent, hate group that has caused much harm to the United States.  

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The BLM protests that took place in 140 U.S. cities this last spring and summer of 2020, because of widespread vandalism, arson, and looting, had insurance claims for damages between $1 billion to $2 billion, according to the Insurance Information Institute which compiles information from Property Claim Services, an insurance claims business operating since 1950. Axios reported this as the worst catastrophe of its type in American history, measured by financial losses.  The “peaceful” methodology or nature of BLM’s war for “liberation” or “social justice” is a pathetic misconstruction of the truth.  

The Norwegian Nobel Institute would be well advised to disqualify BLM from receiving or even being nominated for its Peace Prize based on the movement’s violent trajectory and open acquiescence with revolutionary, conflict theory ideologies. If there is a Nobel Prize for terror, however, then there would be a fitting category where BLM would more accurately qualify for. It is high time democracies stop being duped by the enemies of freedom.  

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