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Anti-Capitalist BLM Foundation Buys $6M Luxury Mansion with Endowment Money

BLM, El American

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The Black Lives Matter organization purchased a luxury mansion in Southern California for about $6 million from donations, according to a report in New York Magazine.

Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Melina Abdullah, three leaders of the leftist organization, recorded a video outside the property last June to mark the anniversary of George Floyd’s death.

According to the magazine report, the luxury property, which features more than six bedrooms and bathrooms, fireplaces, a swimming pool and parking for more than 20 cars, concentrated on 6,500 square feet of land, was purchased by BLM in October 2020, two weeks after the organization received nearly $67 million in donations.

BLM’s luxury properties

In the first instance, the sale was made in the name of Dyane Pascall, finance manager of the consulting firm that Patrisse Cullors operates with his wife, Janaya Khan, and was subsequently transferred to another company in Delaware whose owner is unknown.

The purchase of the property had not previously been reported by BLM, which, according to the magazine, tried to keep it secret when a reporter was investigating the transaction. The organization later argued that the mansion would be used as an “influencers’ house” where artists supporting its cause could congregate themselves.

Shalomyah Bowers, a board member of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, told the magazine on Friday that the luxury house had been purchased with the intention of providing “housing and studio space” for the organization’s content creators. However, Bowers did not clarify why no content has been shot at the mansion in the 17 months since its purchase.

Bowers further said that the organization “always planned” to go public with the purchase of the mansion, which does not serve as a personal residence for any of its members.

Cullors, who is also a co-founder of BLM, was forced to resign from her position at the organization in May 2021 after the New York Post publicized her purchase of four luxury properties for $3.2 million.

“It’s because we’re powerful because we’re winning,” Cullors said at the time, and that the publication of her lavish mansions was an “attack” by the right-wing media. “It’s because we’re threatening the establishment, we’re threatening white supremacy.”

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