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Heritage’s Mike Gonzalez Rips BLM for Pushing to Destroy America’s Framework

black lives matter

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“Organizations like Black Lives Matter (BLM) seek to destroy the very fabric that makes this country a country of opportunity for all,” said Mike Gonzalez, a renowned research fellow at The Heritage Foundation.

During his presentation at the National Conservatism Conference, Gonzalez noted that BLM wants to end all means of improving the quality of life, families, the free market, and the judicial system in the United States.

” It is an institution that is deeply devoted to end the American experiment (…) is about dismantling the organizational principal of society,” Gonzalez noted.

Black Lives Matter cheers for communism

The Heritage Foundation researcher recalled how BLM has supported the most tyrannical regimes in the region, such as Nicolás Maduro’s in Venezuela or Díaz-Canel‘s in Cuba.

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“She (Opal Tometi, a founder of the BLM organization) wrote a manifesto praising the Bolivarian revolution,” he pointed out.

Gonzalez also recalled that in the midst of the recent Cuban protests in which the island’s population demanded freedom and respect for human rights, the leftist BLM organization issued a statement supporting the “Cuban communists.”

“At the precise moment when Cuban communists were rounding up dissidents (…) BLM issued a statement on Cuba, supporting the communists not the dissidents,” he noted.

For the journalist those who financially support BLM are giving donations to an organization “that will sink everyone.”

“They want to get rid of the courts and the prison system, no society can survive like this, and they know it (…) none of their policy remedies will help fix these (racial) disparities,” he stated.