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Blake Masters Triumphs in Arizona’s Republican Primary for Senate

Blake Masters triunfa en las primarias republicanas de Arizona para el Senado


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Blake Masters won Tuesday’s Republican primary for Senate in Arizona after a tight race against Mark Brnovich and businessman Jim Lamon. Masters was endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

Now the Republican will face Democrat Mark Kelly. Masters had border security as a central topic of his agenda since immigration is an important issue in Arizona.


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Masters’ campaign team has criticized Senator Mark Kelly’s position on the immigration issue.

“For far too long, Senator Mark Kelly has been complicit in allowing unchecked, unfettered mass illegal immigration through our southern border. Arizonans know that Blake Masters will secure the border and enforce our laws, and that’s why he will win in November,” Masters’ campaign advisor, Katie Miller, recently told the Daily Caller News.

Blake Masters and other triumphs

Masters’ win came amid a successful election night for candidates endorsed by former President Donald Trump in several states. Similar to Masters’ victory was that of John Gibbs in Michigan. Gibbs defeated Rep. Peter Meijer in the U.S. House of Representatives primary election with the win.

“Gibbs was endorsed by Trump in November and vowed to challenge Meijer, who voted for Trump’s impeachment following the January 6 Capitol riot. The heated race was viewed by many as a referendum on Trump’s influence over Michigan politics”, reported the Daily Wire.


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