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Blinken Congratulates Marxist Gabriel Boric on Presidential Victory in Chile

Blinken felicita al marxista Gabriel Boric por su elección como presidente de Chile

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The United States on Monday congratulated Marxist Gabriel Boric on his victory in Chile’s presidential elections and said it looks forward to continuing to work with the new Administration to promote the shared goals of democracy, prosperity and security.

In a message on Twitter, Secretary of State Antony Blinken also assured that the Chilean people once again set an example by holding free and fair democratic elections.

Boric, a 35-year-old former student leader who was a member of the communist youth, won this Sunday in the second round of the presidential elections by obtaining 55.8% of the votes, with more than 10 percentage points of difference with respect to his rival, the conservative José Antonio Kast.

According to official data, Boric obtained wide support in the capital, where half of the voters are located, and in other regions with large urban centers, such as Valparaíso, where he gained almost 20 points of advantage.

Boric has promised, as part of his government program, to rewrite the Chilean constitution to turn the country towards a socialist economy.

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