BLM Chapter Leader Demands Financial Investigation into Movement’s Founder

The member of the movement said that this situation generates distrust in the work that Black Lives Matter claims to do.

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A BLM activist called for an investigation into the million-dollar purchase of a house by Black Lives Matter’s founder Patrisse Khan Cullors.

“If you call yourself a socialist, you have to wonder how much of her personal money goes to charitable causes,” said a local head of the organization, although his identity was not revealed.

The chapter leader argued that this situation creates distrust in the work BLM claims to do. “It’s really sad because it makes people doubt the validity of the movement and overlook the fact that it’s people who run this movement.”

Estado de derecho, El American
BLM activist said the situation generates mistrust (EFE)

The first media outlet to give the exclusive on the purchase was The Dirt, which detailed that the house was priced at $1.4 million and would be located in Topanga.

Shortly after, the New York Post published an exclusive on the same property, but detailed that the Black Lives Matter co-founder bought 3 other houses in addition to that one after 2016. The total value of the 4 properties would be about $ 3.2 million.

According to separate reports, the millionaire purchase of Khan-Cullors’ new home and other previous acquisitions are causing surprise, mainly because BLM supporters are questioning about the destination of the organization’s resources.

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