Bloomberg intenta convertir en víctima a Ghislaine Maxwell en una publicación que generó indignación

Bloomberg Calls Ghislaine Maxwell a #MeToo ‘Victim’, Despite Child Sex Indictments

In an outrageous post, Bloomberg foolishly ignored the federal indictments against Maxwell over her alleged involvement in Jeffrey Epstein’s constant sexual abuse of minors

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On the occasion of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, Bloomberg posted a controversial tweet asking if the British socialite was “another victim” of Jeffrey Epstein, in the case where she is accused of manipulating underage girls for sexual gain by the late New York financier.

The tweet specifically posits, “Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial is set to be one of the biggest of the #MeToo era. But the jury may have to grapple with a unique question: is Maxwell herself a victim?”

Screenshot of Bloomberg’s tweet on the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell.

The question, which was published from different Bloomberg accounts, did not go down well with users on social networks, who immediately began to criticize the media outlet dedicated to market and business analysis.

Most users replied with “no lmao. no she wasn’t [a victim]” or being even harsher with the medium: “HELL NO. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

“Is this a serious headline? This is why you can’t trust a thing the media posts or says. No she’s not a victim she poached little girls into sex slavery. What the f*ck?” one of the thousands of users who quoted the tweet criticized.

“Bloomberg is trying to paint Ghislaine Maxwell as a victim,” posted the Maxwell Trial Tracker account, which, according to its bio, is closely following Maxwell’s trial because “all the major media outlets are silent on it.”

Other users replied with memes ridiculing the title of the article and the focus of Bloomberg’s tweet, they also posted a photo of Michael Bloomberg next to Ghislaine Maxwell insinuating that the media outlet’s controversial approach is due to an apparent friendly relationship between Bloomberg and Maxwell.

Bloomberg‘s tweet has more than 1,000 direct responses and is less than 200 tweets away from reaching 2,000 quotes. Nearly all the comments are harsh criticisms of the media.

The criminal trial where it will be determined whether Ghislaine Maxwell is guilty of eight counts of sex trafficking and other crimes began last Monday, November 29, when the socialite appeared in court in New York. The defense of Maxwell, who pleaded not guilty to all charges, alleges that the British woman is being used as a scapegoat after they were unable to punish pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who died in his cell “by suicide” in 2019.

The prosecution claims that Maxwell operated as Epstein’s right-hand woman, with her being the one who paved the way for the mogul to abuse the girls she allegedly procured. The Brit could face up to 80 years in prison if found guilty.

“She preyed on vulnerable young girls, manipulated them, and served them up to be sexually abused,” said, in her opening statement, Assistant U.S. Attorney Lara Pomerantz.

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