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A Boeing 737-800 with 133 People on Board Crashes in Southern China

Un Boeing 737-800 con 133 personas a bordo se estrella en el sur de China

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A Boeing 737-800 flying between the Chinese cities of Kunming (southwest) and Guangzhou (southeast) crashed today with 133 people on board, state television CCTV reported.

Flight MU5735, which had taken off at 13:15 local time, crashed to the ground in the Guangxi region (south) without further details being known at the moment, or if there are any survivors.

Rescue teams arrived on the scene to search for survivors, adds the Chinese state chain, detailing that the accident caused a forest fire in Teng County of the city of Wuzhou, in Guangxi.

The flight had a scheduled duration of one hour and forty minutes. The almost seven-year-old aircraft had to travel the 1,357 kilometers that separate Kunming and Guangzhou.

According to data from the flight tracking portal FlightRadar24, the aircraft was flying at 14:19 local time, at an altitude of 29,100 feet (8,870 meters) when it began to descend about 55 kilometers west of the town of Wuzhou.

The last point of contact of the flight, according to the aforementioned portal, was about 25 kilometers southwest of Wuzhou, at an altitude of 3,225 feet (989 meters), 14:22 local time (06:22 GMT), which means that in just three minutes the aircraft descended almost 8,000 meters.

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