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Bolsonaro: ‘60% of Brazil’s Territory Will Be Governed by Those Who Uphold Our Values’

Bolsonaro: "El 60% del territorio brasileño será gobernado por quienes defienden nuestros valores"

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro acknowledged this Sunday that the elections proved that there is a “will for change,” but assured that in the second round against former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva he will show the country that “it cannot be for the worse.”

Lula won the elections held this Sunday with 48.3 % against 43.2 % obtained by the president who is seeking reelection and said he was “fully confident” that he will win on October 30.

Bolsonaro did not question the result and assured that “a lot of the vote was due to the condition of the people,” who “felt the increase in the prices of goods,” which he attributed to the inflation left by the covid-19 pandemic, which was aggravated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“We have a second round ahead of us” and “we will be able to show the population that inflation is going down” and that the government “has not stopped taking care of the poorest” through various subsidies that were approved in recent months, he said.

“I understand that there is a will for change, but certain changes can be for the worse,” said the president, speaking to journalists outside his official residence in Brasilia.

Calm, without raising his voice, Bolsonaro was convinced that in the campaign for the second round he will have more time to explain to Brazilians that “a change to the left is always worse.”

He cited as examples the cases of Argentina, Chile, and Colombia, countries in which the right wing was displaced by socialist leaders in recent times, and insisted that Brazilians “cannot run the risk of losing their freedom.”

Bolsonaro said that with a possible return of Lula to the power he exercised between 2003 and 2010, “Brazilians will gain nothing and, on the contrary, will have a lot to lose.”

Among the things that society might have to “resign to” in case of a victory of the socialist leader, Bolsonaro assured that these would be “religious freedom” and the “respect” that his government has for “family” and “traditional values.”

The president also addressed his followers through Twitter where he assured them that they have “elected governors in the first round in 8 states and we will elect our allies in another 8 states in this second round. This is the greatest victory of patriots in the history of Brazil: 60% of the Brazilian territory will be governed by those who defend our values and fight for a freer country.”

The President also had words for the pollsters: “Many people have been fooled by the lies spread by electoral institutes, which came out of the first round completely demoralized. They were wrong in all the forecasts and they are already the biggest losers of these elections. We have overcome that lie and now we are going to win the elections.”

Finally, Bolsonaro stated: “Our adversaries have only prepared for a 100-meter race. We are prepared for a marathon. We will fight with confidence and with growing strength, certain that we will prevail for the homeland, for the family, for life, for freedom, and for the will of God.”

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