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Bolsonaro Touts Brazilian Payment System, Promises US, Canada Will Use It

Bolsonaro asegura que Estados Unidos y Canadá importarán sistema de pago brasileño

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BRAZILIAN President Jair Bolsonaro said Thursday that “the United States, Colombia and Canada will import the Brazilian Pix”, as the free and instant payment system created in the South American country is known.

Launched by the Central Bank of Brazil in November 2020, this system already accounts for about 480 million registered keys and a monthly transaction volume of almost 900 billion reais (about $176.47 billion) in May 2022.

During his weekly live broadcast on social networks, Bolsonaro highlighted the benefits of the system, which he described as “revolutionary”, because people who had never had a bank account “started to use it and began to behave like micro-entrepreneurs”.

According to Bolsonaro, more than 100 million people use the system in Brazil and thanks to the fact that its benefits are already being known around the planet, some countries have already expressed their interest in having “Brazilian technology”.

“The United States, Colombia and Canada want to import the Brazilian Pix,” he said.

“The Pix has collaborated with many things in Brazil. In addition to moving the market, it transformed many people who lived in informality and also helped reduce violence due to assaults,” he said.

This payment method has been a total success in the country due to the simplicity of its handling, allowing instant payments, free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Although Brazilians were initially wary of the system, it was quickly adopted as its advantages became known.

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