Bolsonaro autoriza entrada de militares americanos para entrenamiento conjunto

Bolsonaro Authorizes Entry of U.S. Military Forces for Joint Training

The training will take place between the two armies will take place in the Paraíba Valley region.

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro authorized on Thursday the “entry” and “temporary stay” of U.S. military forces for a joint training with the Army between November 28 and December 18 of this year in Brazilian territory.

The contingent of American troops will consist of 240 military personnel equipped with weapons, ammunition, optical devices and sensors, among other equipment, to carry out the exercises, according to the decree issued by the Brazilian President.

The “combined training” actions between the two armies will take place in the Paraíba Valley region, between the states of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, in southeastern Brazil.

This will be the second experience between the military forces of both countries within the CORE (Combined Operations and Rotation Exercises) initiative, which the parties signed in October 2020 to “increase interoperability” between their armies.

CORE is in turn part of the bilateral defense cooperation agreement that Brazil and the United States signed in 2010 and which was only enacted five years later by the South American country.

The first joint training took place at Fort Polk, Louisiana, between January and March of this year.

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Such military exercises between Brazil and the United States are scheduled to run until at least 2028.

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