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Jair Bolsonaro Holds ‘Friendly’ Meeting with Vladimir Putin in Russia

The leaders showed a friendly disposition to collaborate in “defense, oil, gas and agriculture”

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro met Wednesday with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in a visit to Moscow that was a “great pleasure” and, in his own words, demonstrates the “friendship and mutual understanding” between the two countries.

The Brazilian president said he was “happy and honored” by the Kremlin’s invitation, and at the beginning of the meeting he expressed his “solidarity” and his willingness to collaborate in “defense, oil and gas, agriculture.”

“Solidarity” gestures between Bolsonaro and Putin

“I am confident that my visit to Moscow is a signal to the whole world that our bilateral relations have good prospects for growth,” Bolsonaro said.

In a friendly conversation between the two leaders, Bolsonaro took the opportunity to thank Putin for the pardon granted to a Brazilian who had served two years in prison in Moscow for carrying a natural medicine, considered illegal in that country, and offered his “cooperation.”

Before the meeting and upon arrival in Moscow, the leader of the Latin American giant laid a wreath as a sign of solidarity at the monument of the unknown soldier in the Kremlin, which was erected as a tribute to the fallen Soviet soldiers during the Second World War.

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After his arrival on Tuesday afternoon, Bolsonaro posted images of the first meeting between Brazilian and Russian statesmen 146 years ago, and said he was proud to “have followed the same path.”

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