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In Major Power Move, Bolsonaro and Son Join Centrist Party Amid 2022 Election

Bolsonaro se une al Partido Liberal para buscar reelegirse: "Ya sacamos a la izquierda de Brasil y no queremos que vuelvan"

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro joined the Liberal Party (PL) on Tuesday, which welcomed him as a future candidate for the October 2022 elections, in which he has already hinted that he will try to renew his mandate.

“We are not launching anyone for any office,” but “the affiliation is a step to be able to think about something later,” the president declared after the president of the Liberal Party, Valdemar Costa Neto, welcomed him “to the party and to 2022,” in a clear allusion to next year’s elections.

Also in electoral key, Bolsonaro affirmed that in the LP is “the future” of Brazil.

“That future belongs to God,” but “we already took the left out of Brazil and we do not want them to return,” Bolsonaro declared. “We, who have votes and support, must lead the future of our Nation.”

Bolsonaro is required to join a political party ahead of the 2022 presidential elections in Brazil, noted Al Jazeera.

In the same act, Senator Flavio Bolsonaro, one of the two parliamentary sons of the ruler, joined the PL, who assured that this formation guarantees “a new musculature” for “a possible candidacy” of his father in 2022.

Bolsonaro’s affiliation to the PL was the result of intense negotiations and also a consequence of a legal imperative, since Brazilian regulations impose that candidates to any elective office must be members of a political party.

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