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Bolsonaro Laments Brutality From Cuban Security Forces

Bolsonaro: "Ayer fue un día muy triste por lo que pasó en Cuba"

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro lamented on Monday the “very sad” day experienced by Cuba, when thousands of citizens took to the streets on Sunday to demand freedom and received “rubber bullets, beatings and imprisonment”, in the largest protest on the island since the 1990s.

“Yesterday was a very sad day because of what happened in Cuba. You never think you’re going to get to that point and that you’re going to have problems like other countries have around here,” Bolsonaro declared in his greeting to supporters waiting for him as he left the Alvorada Palace, the presidential residence.

“The people went to ask for four things: food – as socialism is good, but there is no lack of area to plant tobacco, because the elite live on that – and they went to ask for electricity because the oil that was coming from Venezuela is falling quite a lot and their source of energy is that which comes from fossil fuels,” he declared.

“But, besides food, electricity and internet – which does not exist -, they went to ask for freedom and received rubber bullets, beatings and imprisonment”, completed the head of state.

Bolsonaro also added “despite all that, there are people in Brazil who support Cuba and Venezuela. Leaders who went several times to drink champagne with Fidel Castro and Whisky in Venezuela with Maduro. There are people here who support those kinds of people.”

“Everybody has pets and there are no more dogs and cats in Venezuela because they ate them all. That’s communism. It’s an easy thing to tout equality, only equality in the midst of poverty,” he said.