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Bolsonaro Assures He Will Win First Round: ‘Lula Will Never Steal from Brazilians Again’

Bolsonaro asegura que ganará en primera vuelta: "Lula nunca más le va a robar al pueblo brasileño"

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, seeking reelection in the October 2nd elections, raised the tone on Thursday and affirmed that former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva “will continue in the dustbin of history.”

Bolsonaro, with ten days to go to the polls, is at a disadvantage in polls; he reiterated his distrust in the polls and assured hundreds of people that he would win the elections “in the first round.”

The president resumed his campaign in the Amazonian city of Belen after attending Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in London and participating in the UN General Assembly in New York.

He assured that on those trips, he verified that Brazil and its government “are admired by the whole world,” which he attributed, among other things, to its strong defense of conservative values.

“The state may be secular, but its president is a Christian,” he said in a message addressed to evangelists, who represent 25% of the electorate and form part of his political base.

“Unlike the other candidate, we defend life from its conception, we say no to abortion, gender ideology, and the legalization of drugs,” and “our motto is God, country, and family,” he emphasized.

He assured that, despite what the polls say, he is “sure” that the support he had in the 2018 elections when he won in the second round with 55% (57.7 million votes) “will double” now and will guarantee his victory on October 2 itself.

“We will continue doing our work, recognized inside and outside Brazil,” and “Lula will continue in the dustbin of history” because “that guy will never again steal from the Brazilian people,” he affirmed.

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