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The border crisis that Biden says does not exist continues to worsen

Sigue empeorando la crisis fronteriza que Biden dice que no existe, EFE

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How good it would be for Vice President Kamala Harris, who insists that the southern border of the United States is secure, to get a little acquainted with a few figures, official figures, by the way, recently provided by Customs and Border Protection.

According to CBP statistics last August, 203,597 illegal immigrants were apprehended trying to cross the border between Mexico and the United States. An increase of 329 percent when compared to the average number of apprehensions during a month of August in the years of the Trump administration. Of those more than 200,000, 11,365 were unaccompanied minors and 104,679, more than half, came from countries beyond Mexico and Central America, which underlines once again the global characteristics that Biden’s border crisis has reached. Immense concern is generated by the fact that 78 people who were caught trying to enter the United States illegally are listed on terrorism warning lists, three times the sum of the figures of the last five years.

These figures show no downward trend, on the contrary, they have broken a new record with 2.1 million illegal immigrants crossing the border this fiscal year so far. In total, more than 4.4 million illegal immigrants have entered the country since Biden has been in the White House. This amount includes the 3.6 million illegal immigrants that Customs and Border Protection has apprehended, and more than 850,000 gotaways that CBP admits have managed to escape into the United States.

So, Madam Vice President, the border is not secure, much less under control. In addition, Biden’s open border policy is costing US taxpayers $20.4 billion in “benefits and services” for illegal immigrants, meaning that letting immigrants get into the country unchecked is costing $4 billion more than it would have cost to build the wall that would have allowed us to have a secure border and not a porous one through which, according to the Border Patrol, about 8,000 illegal immigrants slip through every day, the highest number of border encounters every 24 hours, in the history of DHS.

The absurd open border policy of Biden and the Democrats, which is so pleasing to the extreme left liberal wing of the ruling party, is greatly worsening the already serious immigration problem that the United States has suffered for decades. The effects of the illegal entry of so many immigrants will be felt for many years in this country and a satisfactory solution to the immigration situation of millions of people is more distant with each passing day. Recognized experts have concluded that there will be no viable solution to the immigration problem in the United States as long as the border is not controlled, and even so, the Biden administration steadfastly refuses to return to the border authorities the legal tools that allow them to fulfill their obligations, within the framework of current laws.

It is no secret to anyone that the vast majority of migrants who arrive at the border and manage to cross it are subjects of human trafficking, a very lucrative criminal practice, undertaken by coyote cartels that charge significant amounts to each person they cross, and thanks to Biden’s policies have been raising millions of dollars with their illicit activity. Furthermore, it is not the only one that has a scenario on the border between Mexico and the United States, where drug smuggling has been flourishing without the authorities being able to do much to prevent it. 2,204 pounds of deadly fentanyl and 4,969 pounds of cocaine were seized at the border in August alone, and leading experts admit that if much is seized, much more makes its way. It’s terrifying: the amount of fentanyl seized in August is the equivalent of 500 million deadly doses.

This is the reality the southern border areas of the United States have been experiencing for more than a year and a half, which is how long the Joe Biden government has lasted so far. The southern states of the country, throughout all this time, have asked Biden and the Democrats to find solutions to such a serious problem, and their complaints have fallen on deaf ears. It took the presence of a few, a tiny percentage of all immigrants who have crossed the border illegally, to be felt in privileged places for the Democrats and the media they control to realize the magnitude of the border crisis that the government prefers to ignore. More than 4 million human beings have been invisible for a year and a half, until the 50 who arrived on Martha’s Vineyard exposed the hypocrisy of the false friends of immigrants.

Jaime Florez is the Hispanic Communications Director - Republican National Committe. Public Relations, Public Affairs, Communications, and Marketing Executive with extensive experience in politics, international trade, publishing, and mass media // Jaime Florez es Director de Comunicaciones Hispanas - Comité Nacional Republicano. Ejecutivo de Relaciones Públicas, Asuntos Públicos, Comunicaciones y Marketing con amplia experiencia en política, comercio internacional, publicaciones y medios de comunicación.

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