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Border Patrol Chief: Memo Authorizing Release of Migrants After End of Title 42 Unprecedented

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Raul Ortiz, head of the Border Patrol, explained during a July 28 recorded statement first obtained by Fox News Digital that an internal Customs and Border Protection (CBP) guidance memo authorizing border agents to release illegal immigrants on U.S. soil is unprecedented in the 31 years he has been with the agency.

“Counselors for the office of the Florida attorney general asked Ortiz to describe the memo, to which he replied: ‘It’s a memorandum that I signed on May 19th, 2022, and it discusses the non-citizen releases from our custody.’”

After questions from attorneys, Ortiz acknowledged that the document is unprecedented in the years he has worked at Border Patrol.

“And does Exhibit 3 authorize the release of aliens that would otherwise be inadmissible into the United States?” the attorney asked. Upon questioning, the agent answered in the affirmative and explained that the memo authorized the release of migrants in the communities where they were detained.

Florida Attorney General on illegal migrants

Ashley Moody, Florida’s attorney general, accuses Joe Biden’s administration of pushing failed immigration policies. She also rejected the memo. “The Biden administration’s failed immigration policies are disastrous. Expecting to be overrun, Biden’s Border Patrol drafted a plan to hunker down and allow inadmissible immigrants to flood into the country,” Moody told Fox News Digital.

“But for the efforts of our office and other responsibly minded, public-safety oriented attorneys general, Title 42 would have been repealed and Biden would have released untold thousands of additional immigrants into the interior of our country—outrageous!” Moody said.

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