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Border Patrol Chief: Border Crisis is Worsening

November’s apprehension numbers already exceed those of the same month in FY 2021, proving that the border crisis is getting worse

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The immigration crisis in the United States continues, with thousands of people in caravans heading to the southern border and thousands more entering illegally with the help of coyotes.

On November 19, Border Patrol Agent Brian Hastings reported that migrant apprehensions are on the rise.

“In October, agents encountered over 45K migrants, a 28K increase from the same timeframe last year. The trend will continue in November as encounter numbers have already passed November FY21 totals,” he said on his Twitter account.

New videos captured by Fox News reporter Bill Melugin show how Border Patrol officials are not getting enough. Hundreds of migrants are apprehended daily, but hundreds more manage to slip through and escape the checkpoints.

According to Melugin, among the recently detained groups are at least a dozen Romanians and some Albanians, while the rest of the hundreds of migrants detained are mainly from South America.

Migration crisis: caravan heading to the United States

A caravan with at least 3,000 migrants is heading to the southern border with the intention of forcibly entering the United States.

A report by the Voz de América revealed this Sunday, November 21, that hundreds of Venezuelans joined the caravan from the Mexico-Guatemala border.

Last week, Reuters reported that Mexico is considering imposing stricter requirements for Venezuelans attempting to enter the country. This is in response to requests from the United States following a sharp increase in detentions of South American nationals at its border.

During fiscal year 2021, authorities detained more than 1.7 million illegal migrants, a number that is a 35-year high.

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