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Border Patrol Find Baby and 2-Year-Old Girl Abandoned in Rio Grande

The image of the two children taken by the Border Patrol reflects the seriousness of the migration crisis

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Border Patrol agents found two children abandoned at the edge of the Rio Grande River in Texas. They were a 3-month-old baby and a 2-year-old girl with a note that read “they are siblings from Honduras”.

Authorities say they thoroughly searched the area, but found no one else. The children did not require medical attention and were transported to the Uvalde station for processing, officials said.

The discovery occurred when the officers were conducting boat operations on the river and noticed an unusual color on the banks.

The image of the two children reflects the seriousness of the migratory crisis that is worsening as time goes by with the increase of illegal migrants at the border.

On Wednesday, September 15, it was announced that 208,887 apprehensions were recorded in August, the second month with the highest number in two decades.

A Border Patrol source told Fox News that 18,847 children and 86,487 family units also entered the country in August, representing a 4 % increase over July.

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