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Video Shows Border Patrol Struggling with Massive Wave of Undocumented Immigrants

A drone flying over an area of the southern border captured images of some 40 migrants entering the U.S. illegally

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A new video reveals how groups of immigrants managed to flee from the border patrol officers in Texas, running and jumping streams to avoid detention.

A Fox News report shows how a drone flies over an area of the southern border and captures images of some 40 immigrants who entered U.S. territory. Between 15 and 20 were detained and the rest managed to slip away.

In the video, it can be seen how a border agent ran after the group, which showed how the authorities are not able to cope with the wave of immigrants.

After Joe Biden in his campaign assured that he would be “more humane” with immigrants, thousands of citizens from Central and South America decided to travel by land to reach the United States. A situation that turned into a crisis after the number of detentions reached historic numbers in 15 years.

Fox News’ exclusive video shows how Border Patrol officers chase immigrants on a daily basis and how hundreds of them manage to enter U.S. territory without being caught.

Immigrant wave at the southern border

Federal data reveal that in the face of a record number of 177,000 immigrants, authorities have already released 61,000, while another 42,600 entered undetected.

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott told Fox News that resources are being sent to the border to help overwhelmed border agents. He also expressed concern about the increase in drug trafficking in the area.

“The Texas Department of Public Safety patrols the border every day and has seen an 800 percent increase in the amount of fentanyl crossing the border,” he said.

“They have seized enough fentanyl this year to kill every man, woman and child in the entire state of New York,” he noted.

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