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Border Patrol Rescue 87 Venezuelan Migrants Lost in Arizona Desert

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U.S. border authorities managed to rescue a group of 87 Venezuelan migrants. The group was lost in the Arizona desert. All were in good health at the time of receiving help from officials.

Border correspondents explained that one of the migrants managed to call for help with his cell phone to the 911 emergency number. The call reached the Sonora Control, Command, Communication, Computing, Coordination and Intelligence Center (C5i) and the authorities activated the “Carbyne” geolocation system. In this way, the coordinates from where a Venezuelan made the call were detected.

Rescue of the 87 Venezuelan migrants

After the location was detected, C5i personnel provided the geographic coordinates to Border Patrol officers, who went to the area to rescue them and provide them with the necessary support.

The Venezuelans were in a desert area. The patrol officers transported them to a safe area where they were given food, water and medical attention.

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