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‘Border Security Is Our Main Problem:’ Tanya Contreras, Arizona Congressional Candidate

"La seguridad en la frontera es nuestro principal problema": Tanya Contreras, candidata por Arizona

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Tanya Contreras knows that things are changing in Arizona and that the state is returning back to the GOP. For this reason, her challenge is to become a congresswoman to bring proposals that change the reality of citizens and facing the problems that are affecting them, including as border security.

In a conversation with Anna Paulina Luna, chief correspondent of El American, the Republican recalled that the border crisis is one of the concerns of the citizens of Arizona. She explained that she has visited several places in the state where she has seen the critical situation of illegal migration. For that reason, she is sure that “border security is our main problem.”

Tanya Contreras’s proposal

Tanya Contreras describes herself as a wife, mother, small business owner, and proud Republican running to represent the East Valley in Congressional District 9. She also claims to be a common-sense conservative, believing in the promise of the American dream, saying that she will fight to preserve it.

Her proposal is based on adopting policies that empower people, not the government. And, whether fighting to secure the border or combating out-of-control spending in Washington, she stresses that she will always put Arizona first.

“Good policy can give us the opportunity to blaze our own trails. Bad policy can crush the American spirit through government bureaucracy. That is why Tanya has fought for having a smaller government and for reducing taxes and regulations on small businesses,” she details her management plan.

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