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Boris Johnson on the Gender Debate: ‘Biology is Important’

Johnson clarified that transgender people deserve the “utmost generosity and possible respect” and the issue should be treated with “tact, love and care.”

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson entered the gender debate on Wednesday saying that, while it is crucial to maintain a posture of “love, tact, and care” towards those who present difficulties in their sexual identity, the “basic facts about biology” remain “extremely important” when it comes to legislating on the issue.

Johnson’s opinion came in response to a request from the Conservative Party representative for Guildford, Angela Richardson, who invited the Prime Minister to meet to “discuss how we can constructively support these young people who are experiencing gender distress.”

Richardson and Johnson’s interventions on “gender distress” (YouTube/Daily Mail).

“I think this is one of those issues that the whole House is realizing that it requires extreme sensitivity, tact, love and care,” Johnson responded, adding that he would be “more than happy” to come together for such a purpose, and that it is necessary to recognize that people who choose to “transition” gender “should be treated with the utmost generosity and possible respect.”

Johnson said he was “proud” that in the United Kingdom there are “systems” in place that allow for such treatment of citizens’ identity. “I would also like to say that I believe that when it comes to distinguishing between a man and a woman, the basic facts of biology remain extremely important,” he added.

Johnson enters a difficult terrain

The issue of gender identity has involved heated debate in the UK and has involved both, people from across the political spectrum and entertainment figures, including the controversial case of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.

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The renowned and award-winning writer, who in the past has made clear her support and respect for the trans community, has been embroiled in scandalous headlines about her stance on transgender people and her advocacy for women’s rights, for which she has been confronted by the Cancel Culture and has even received death threats.

Recently, Rowling responded to Labor Party representative Keir Starmer, who stated in an interview that “trans women are women” and defining women as “adult female.”

“I don’t think our politicians have the slightest idea how much anger is building among women from all walks of life at the attempts to threaten and intimidate them out of speaking publicly about their own rights, their own bodies and their own lives,” Rowling tweeted, in response to a news story about Starmer’s statements.

“Now Keir Starmer is publicly misrepresenting the Equality Act, in yet another indication that the Labor Party can no longer be counted on to stand up for women’s rights,” the author continued. “But I repeat: women are organizing across party lines, and their resolve and anger is growing.”

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