Brace yourselves, Oscar Speeches are Coming

Good morning, my name’s Priscila and this is my Saturday pick
With war breathing onto our necks, little have we discussed the fact that the Oscars are only ten days away. Even with its easy-to-understand recent loss of popularity, the Academy’s annual ceremony remains one of the most watched events in America, second only to the Superbowl. 

We will once again get to see a handful of exceedingly privileged, plastic people, with their plastic relationships spreading plastic ideologies—and getting angry at you, should you dare to disagree with their premises. Although this year’s predictable anti-war speeches have a chance of rendering the whole thing mildly tolerable, we—the public and ultimate responsibility bearers—should have never allowed this pantomime to get so political. We should have never allowed the filmmaking industry, maker of a passion shared among millions, to take such a radical stance.

As usual in me, this goes beyond agreement or disagreement. If I want to go deep into the human mind, or swim in the ferocious tides of the will to live, I’d read Schopenhauer, not listen to a speech by (yes-I-know-she’s-talented) Meryl Streep. It’s high time for A-listers to realize they’re entertainers, not policymakers or Marat-like propagandists.

I haven’t watched the Oscars in a long time, and I haven’t watched the Oscars for the same reason I don’t watch superhero movies: I happen to love cinema.

Have a great weekend,

P.S. I do hope The Power of the Dog and The Worst Person in the World get something. Let me know if they do.

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