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Brazil’s Bolsonaro Criticizes Nicaraguan Regime For Persecuting Catholic Church

Bolsonaro arremete contra el régimen de Nicaragua por atacar la Iglesia Católica

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Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro, who is seeking reelection, lashed out Thursday against several leftist governments in Latin America which he said restrict freedom, promote drug addiction and kill the economy and said that the “people will have to choose” if they want that for Brazil.

During the live broadcast he makes weekly through social networks, Bolsonaro indicated that the governments of Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Nicaragua and Venezuela, are “liars” and reiterated that all of them are “friends” of his main rival, former trade unionist Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

“The left has been growing a lot in the world. In Cuba, people are being imprisoned because in July 2021, a year ago, there were demonstrations of the people who went to the streets asking for freedom”, said the president.

“Colombia, which, like Chile, was a country with correct rights, now has Petro who is going to end the anti-drug policy and free drugs. Only those who have already seen a family suffering because of this issue know what it means”, he added.

In his first broadcast since the official start of the electoral campaign, last Monday, Bolsonaro also criticized the censorship of Daniel Ortega, “another friend of Lula’s”, for closing churches and Catholic radio stations; he said that Venezuela, under Nicolás Maduro, was now “poorer than Haiti” and regretted that the economy in Argentina, governed by Alberto Fernández, is “downhill”.

“That is why the choice (of the people) is important. You have to look at who is going to make a better country. But make the comparisons,” he emphasized.

Editor’s note: The quotes featured in this article were originally published in Spanish, translated to English and edited for publication.

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