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Newly-Built Bridge Collapses in Mexico During Inauguration

Se desploma un puente en México en plena inauguración dejando heridos a varios políticos

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A bridge in Mexico collapsed while it was being inaugurated by the authorities. The video went viral on social networks and according to the newspaper El Universal, José Luis Urióstegui Salgado, municipal president of Cuernavaca, his wife Luz María Zagal, four councilors and the municipal trustee were injured when the Paseo Ribereño bridge collapsed.

“In the accident, 20 people were injured by the collapse of the wooden bridge, which was part of one of the elements of the re-inauguration of the precinct,” explained the media.

Authorities in Mexico

The mayor of Cuernavaca offered a report in which he assured that it was an imprudence and maintained that this is not the moment to talk about the company that restored the infrastructure. He further highlighted that it will not be possible to open the passage in the next few days. “I don’t want to anticipate, I just want to inform you that we are fine and thank the people who have been watching over us,” the official said.

In a press release, published on Facebook, the Governor’s Office of Morelos explained that the injured were being treated and clarified that, allegedly, the bridge is not part of the construction project called Rehabilitation of the Alfonso Sandoval Camuñas Riverside Tourist Walkway. However, he did not clarify the budget that had been earmarked for the work.

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