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Rep. Buddy Carter: U.S Has ‘Inherent’ Responsibility to Teach Deadly Harms of Communism

Carter, El American

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Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA) spoke last Thursday in support of the bill known as the Crucial Communism Teaching Act (CCT), saying it is an “inherent responsibility” of Americans to defend freedom and prevent communism from taking over America.

“What our children think, what they learn is important,” Carter said. “Today’s youth, they’re not fearful of communism. They look upon communism favorably. Now, who’s to blame for that? Our teaching is to blame for it, our media is to blame for it, ultimately, all of us are to blame for it.”

Carter uses China as an example

The Republican insisted that it is everyone’s responsibility to make sure American children understand about the horrors of communism, and gave the example of China and the “genocide” taking place in the Asian giant against the Uighurs and other ethnic and religious minorities.

“We all know that there’s a genocide that goes on there, we all know that they’re suppressing their people over there,” Carter continued. “And yet, we’re fixing to come up with the Winter Olympics. And you can be assured that it will be glamorous.”

Carter believes that the CCT is important for the new generations to understand “that communism is not the answer” and that the defense of the United States is the only guarantee of “living in a free country.”

The CCT was presented by the Cuban-American congresswoman for Florida, María Elvira Salazar, and its objective is that the horrors of communism be taught in public schools in the United States.

The legislation has bipartisan support and has nearly 60 co-sponsors in Congress, Carter among them.

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