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Second-in-command of Venezuelan Tyranny Suggests Military Operation against Colombia Similar to Russia’s in Ukraine

Colombia, El American

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The vice-president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and the most powerful man after Nicolás Maduro, Diosdado Cabello, suggested on Monday that an operation similar to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine should be launched against Colombia.

In a press conference in which he once again expressed his support to Russia, Cabello said that “the denazification” of Ukraine (as Vladimir Putin referred to the invasion he started last February 24), would be “from the roots.”

Venezuelan troops on the border with Colombia

“Why don’t they take the opportunity to ‘decocainize’ Colombia to see what’s left after that,” commented Cabello immediately after reaffirming the support of the Venezuelan tyranny to the Kremlin.

Chavismo’s number two also said that the result of the invasion against Ukraine would be “a new order in the world.”

Cabello’s comment comes two months after the Armed Forces loyal to Maduro expanded the deployment of military troops in the state of Apure, border area with Colombia, with the objective of “fighting illegal armed groups.”

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