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California Aims at Becoming Trans Children Refuge

California quiere invitar a niños trans del país a realizarse cirugías de reasignación en su estado

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California is about to pass a law to become a “safe haven state” for trans children, with the intention of inviting them to come to their state for gender reassignment treatments or surgeries.

Gender affirmation practices through surgery or hormone use are illegal in states such as Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Arizona, and Idaho, with criminal consequences for parents who allow their children to undergo such irreversible treatments.

The SB-107 bill attempts to exempt from legal responsibility those parents who authorize their children to access these services in California, even if they later return to their states of origin.

If passed, this legislation would prohibit any state authority from ordering the separation of children from their parents if the parents consent to any method of gender-affirming services for their children in California.

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Further, it does not provide for the detention or demand for removal of an individual for allowing their child to receive such care on California soil.

The initiative, which has been promoted by San Francisco Senator Scott Wiener, has been approved by the Appropriations Committee of the California State Assembly, and will be voted on by the full House of Representatives in the near future.

The measure has been opposed by conservative sectors in California and has generated a great deal of controversy in recent weeks.

The organization Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans told EFE that for them, the bill is “outrageous”, as “most” of the minors who will request gender affirmation treatments actually suffer from temporary dysphoria, which is “typical of adolescence.”

Dysphoria is a psychological disorder that causes distress and anxiety to those whose gender identity is different from their sex assigned at birth.

“Support, yes. Love, yes. Therapy that allows them to explore why they feel that way, yes. But this type of operation, no, because it is a real kidnapping of minors,” said Gigi LaRue, representative of Our Duty USA, an association of parents against gender ideology, in an interview with the EFE news agency.

LaRue (a pseudonym to avoid reprisals) emphasized the consequences of hormone treatments and sex change operations, because “when testosterone and estrogen are administered to the opposite sex, they can cause lifelong health problems.”

Charlie Jacobs (also a pseudonym), of Our Duty USA, wanted to emphasize that they are “in favor of gay marriage and equal rights” and that their stance is not politicized.

“The human brain is not fully developed until the age of 25, so I would advocate extreme caution and raising the legal age for making the decision to undergo these treatments to 25,” LaRue said.

According to a study by Detrans Awareness, another organization against these procedures, 70% of the people who undergo the procedure do not solve their mental health problems after the sex change, and some even regret it.