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California Police Arrest 149 ‘Unruly’ Partygoers

Autoridades de California arrestan a 149 personas por asistir a una fiesta

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At least 149 people were arrested early last night in the coastal town of Huntington Beach, California.

According to local media, the call to celebrate a birthday party went viral on TikTok, which alerted the authorities of the state, which has one of the most restrictive measures regarding the coronavirus in the whole country, and still has one of the worst health statistics.

The police department in this Southern California city said in a statement that the mob of people became “unruly.”

As the crowd grew, some groups moved from the beach to the center of town, and according to police threw bottles, rocks and firecrackers at officers, with no serious injuries.

Faced with this situation the police declared a night curfew from 23.30 local time until 05.30 am (06.30 am and 12.00 GMT Sunday), without managing to dissuade the party participants who continued in the street.

Huntington Beach Police Department spokeswoman Jennifer Carey said that among those arrested are 121 adults and 28 minors, who face charges such as vandalism, use of illegal fireworks and violation of a curfew, among others.

California, the U.S. state with the most infections and deaths during the pandemic, has not yet lifted restrictions, although it will “reopen” most activities in mid-June.

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