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California Teacher Arrested for Allegedly Abusing 7 Students

California teacher

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Authorities arrested a biology teacher in California for allegedly sexually abusing seven students and sharing explicit photographs with them. She is 35-year-old Anessa Paige Gower.

The woman now faces 29 criminal charges of alleged abuse while teaching at Making Waves Academy in Richmond. This was explained by the Coastal District Attorney’s Office, according to documents accessed by the New York Post.

Prosecutors explained that victims and witnesses told investigators that the abuse, which dates back to last year, included sexual acts with minors, inappropriate touching, and sharing sexually graphic photos.

The teacher was removed from her position amid investigations

The newspaper detailed that Gower was arrested last Wednesday at Sacramento International Airport. As indicated by authorities, she was returning from a vacation in Hawaii. “Authorities haven’t revealed the age or gender of any of the victims, but the charter school caters to students in grades 5 to 12,” the New York Post said.

It also learned that Making Waves Academy CEO Alton B. Nelson Jr. said Gower was fired after the allegations came to light.

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“During the course of an investigation into allegations that one of our teachers violated school policy, we learned of additional highly concerning allegations involving that teacher’s conduct,” Nelson said in statements picked up by NYP.