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Idiocy of the Week: ‘Woke’California School Drops the Word ‘Chief’

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El American’s Idiocy of the Week once again features a new woke nonsense from an institution in San Francisco — California, of course! — The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) has decided to eliminate the word “chief” from its job postings because they consider it “potentially offensive” to Native Americans.

SFUSD idiotez semana
Screenshot of the San Francisco Chronicle Twitter account

Apparently, using such a word to designate someone who is in command and in a prominent position is offensive. I would understand if using the expression “blue collar worker” was insulting to The Smurfs, or the natives of Avatar, but this?!!!.

Damn, even the President of the United States, supposedly the most important person in the world, is referred to as “Commander in Chief.” Will that term have to be adapted to woke language as well?

The funniest thing is that, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, the SFUSD spokeswoman has stated that they do not yet have a term to replace “chief.” Could it be because the one they have been using perfectly describes the characteristics of the position?

I imagine that to coin a new term they will probably appoint a very multidisciplinary, very multicultural, very intersectional, very inclusive… and very well paid committee of experts.

SFUSD’s condescension

According to the district spokeswoman, “while there are many opinions on the matter, our leadership team agreed that, given that Native American members of our community have expressed concerns over the use of the title, we are no longer going to use it.”

Apparently, this is not another problem that has been invented for a minority, a figment of some white Californian woke, snobbish, elitist’s fevered imagination, but a genuine claim by Native Americans who are convinced that dropping the word will be a very effective solution to all the problems they face. For sure.

This change will affect 13 people in the San Francisco school district with positions such as Chief Technology Officer, Chief of Staff, Chief of Human Resources and Chief of Labor Relations. The spokesperson clarified that the change in their job titles will not affect their contracts, nor will it demote their duties.

That the spokesperson has to clarify this, precisely to people who are in charge of departments such as Personnel, Labor Relations and Human Resources, either says a lot about the condescension of those who have taken the action, or it says very little about the preparation of the people with responsibility in those departments.

This announcement serves to remind us that while inflation is skyrocketing, insecurity is growing and shortages of some basic commodities are already palpably affecting the daily lives of millions of Americans, the thinking minds at the top of the nation — what to call them? Bosses, perhaps? — are busy worrying about this nonsense. All they do is invent divisions and problems where there are none.

While we wait to find out what new term they will use — I’m guessing it won’t be “master,” — the SFUSD gets El American’s Idiocy of the Week award.

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